Tony Wilson, the former British light heavyweight boxing champion
Tony Wilson's GET FIGHTING FIT programme is based on training like a champion boxer without having an actual fight.
You will get a full body workout in basic self defence techniques,

A programme designed to cater for all ages,

Training in either group sessions or one-to-one training sessions,

You will have a healthier lifestyle, mentally and physically,

Increased muscle strength and endurance,

Enhanced functioning of heart, lungs and better flexibility of the joints,

Improved co-ordination and movement,

Finally, an aid for weight and body control.
Most of us would love a perfect body - but what does this mean? Join GET FIGHTING FIT and work out with Tony Wilson to find out.
GET FIGHTING FIT is a way to develop the body of your choice.

We do not stop playing because we get older, we get old because we stop playing. The time is here to reawaken your mind and body, there is a fountain of energy just waiting to be released.
Every man and woman wants to look good, so if you are overweight and unfit with low self-esteem, pluck up the courage to contact me.
Step into my arena and it's a different ball game.
with me Tony Wilson, former British Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion. I am married and have one child. After 16 years of being trained I am now in the profession of training others. I do not promise instant results, instead I offer the type of expert coaching and advise that took me to the top of British boxing.
I am not a miracle worker, but If people meet me half way then We will get good results.
I work on getting the mind into shape as well as the body, because experience has taught me that if the two are working in harmony then you can achieve goals you never thought possible.
GET FIGHTING FIT founder Tony Wilson is a fully-qualified boxing trainer and coach.

His qualifications include:

ABA coaching certificate (2005);

ABA assisting coaching certificate (2004);

Advanced Instructor training in Boxercise (1996);

Induction training in boxing Boxercise (1995);

Personal trainer course, Boxercise;

Mentor training level three, Bournville College.

In sport Tony’s most high-profile training successes are world championship boxer Cheryl Robertson, Kirkwood “Fire” Walker, world Thai kick boxing champion, and Winston Walker, another kick-boxing champion. His coaching also took amateur heavyweight boxer Scott Murray to No.2 ranking in Britain.

As well as maintaining a select private clientele for one-to-one training sessions, Tony has run courses at several health and fitness centres, including Molineux, Graisley Leisure Centre, the YMCA and the University of Wolverhampton.

In keeping with his determination to help children, Tony has worked in conjunction with Nacro in Regis and Ounsdale Schools in the city, and conducted much-appreciated classes at several more schools, including St Peter’s, and Our Lady of St Chad’s (see the children’s letters of thanks).

He has a child protection certificate, the Approximately Solution Certificate, and has attended courses on Diffusing Conflict and Aggression and the ECM (Every Child Matters) Awareness Arriving workshop. Tony is mentor and youth supervisor to young people in several YTS schemes.

Tony can produce numerous testimonials to the effectiveness of his work. Here are just a few:

Says former British, European and World flyweight champion Charlie Magri:

“I have known Tony Wilson for approximately 18 years. We boxed in the amateur ranks together, then later as professional boxers under the same management, in the same training camp.

“As a boxer he was a very dedicated person, who trained hard and conducted himself admirably. He was always a popular member of the team, and encouraged and supported the other “boys” both in their training and in their bouts.

“For several years Tony worked with me in my own professional gymnasium, training fighters. He was a very good trainer and conditioner, and was very dedicated to his job. I had to leave Tony in charge of the gym on many occasions, and he was a great gym manager, due to his vast experience in this field, and he coped extremely well with a full gymnasium of adult fighters.

“He is conscientious, honest, hard-working, reliable and enthusiastic. He is very amicable and has a great rapport with people.”

Many of Tony’s former pupils have written to thank him for the difference he has made in their lives. Here are some of the things they said:

“Tony is very committed to his work. He never gives up encouraging and motivating you. His enthusiasm to see you succeed always brings a smile to his face. Tony is very approachable and will always listen to any suggestions, or offer help and advice.

“In the last six months my confidence and self-belief have increased dramatically since training with Tony. His cheerful and positive attitude to both training and life in general have influenced my approach to life and enabled me to achieve goals that I thought were unattainable.

“As I play hockey for a local ladies hockey club he has enabled me to improve my overall fitness/stamina and at the same time my co-ordination. This has contributed to being awarded Player of the Year, for which I have to thank Tony Wilson.”

Emma Mackie

“For the past four months I have attended one-hour training sessions conducted at Sprintz Sports Club in Darlaston by Tony Wilson. . . .

“In conducting these classes Tony has displayed excellent motivational qualities. This is not only evident with newcomers, but also with older members of the class, who can be seen to give maximum effort under Tony’s instruction. Of all the people who have regularly attended the classes, along with myself, I know of no-one who has not benefited significantly from the sessions.

“I have found him to be friendly and easily approachable, with a genuine and sensitive personality. As a former top class athlete he has a considerable physical presence, but his boxing experience has instilled in him a self-control and discipline which is to be admired. One of his avowed intentions is to use up stored aggression and tension and leave it behind in the gym. As a regular attender I can vouch that he achieves this aim.”

Alan Lander

“I have been an active member of Tony Wilson’s class at the Molineux Health Centre.

“This has proved to be very successful. Over a period of 12 months membership of the class has increased and interest has sustained primarily due to Tony’s enthusiasm, organisational ability, and encouragement. He holds a very high profile in the club, and has considerable respect from others using the club’s facilities.”

Surinder Ghattaura,


Wolverhampton Asian Business Centre.

“I am a professional businessman who has participated in most sporting activities including first class rugby, squash, football, weights, aerobics, and now classes run by Tony Wilson.

“I must say they are excellent. The sessions are well-organised, varied, and extremely tough, but difficult as they may be they are very enjoyable, and Mr Wilson’s enthusiasm keeps you motivated.”

Nick Green,

Previous clients of Tony's.